Time Travelers’ Bazaar – Sunday April 28 – Looking for VENDORS!

Brought to you by the Vancouverites for Steampunk community:

CleanYourClosets_smallThe TIME TRAVELERS’ BAZAAR

A costumers’ rummage sale, where old clothes & costumes can find new life
Where overflowing wardrobes can be cleared & refreshed

Sunday April 28, 2013 – SALE Hours: 12:30-4:00 pm
Britannia Secondary School Cafeteria
1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver BC

Come Costumers one and all! Join us to pick up some new-to-you costume goodies!
Or book a vendors’ table and clear out your closets!
Be your bent Medieval, Regency, Victorian, Fantasy, Steampunk, Lolita, Pirate, Gothic, Animé, or previously unnamed cosplay, we’re open to all!

And we are currently actively looking for VENDORS!

If you’re interested in being a vendor, please read the Vendor Information Packet here:  Time Travelers Bazaar Vendor Information
AND read & complete the Vendor Application & Contract here: Time Travelers Bazaar Vendor Application Contract.

We’re interested in goods for and from all genres:
Historical Recreationist, Steampunk, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Animé, Lolita, Gothic, Cosplay, Pirate, etcetera!

Clothing, jewelry, accessories, props, fabrics, trims –
you can vend anything that could be used for costuming!

Interested in bartering and trading as well as selling? We’re open to that!

A vendor table only costs $20, and 2 people can share a table!)

Not sure if you can be a vendor?
• Do you have too many old costumes, and no room for new?
• Do you want to clear out those costumes, pieces & props that you never wear or use anymore?
• Do you have piles of materials for projects you know you’re never going to do?

Guess what! You can be a vendor!

Digital copies of the application, information packet, and digital posters will be available on request for sharing and promotion. Share our public Facebook Event!

Have questions or want more information?  Contact us!Vendor Poster

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  1. Site Admin says:

    A note to anyone wanting to apply as a vendor – the forms is a pdf – it’s best to print it out & complete it, and if possible, scan it to return it by email. Vendors can also contact me to arrange other modes of submission!