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Individual events (more than are detailed here) can be found posted separately under the category of “Events”, and our Calendar is updated live.

Jaunt to the Seaside
Sunday August 16th, 2015   12 noon to 5 pm
Jericho Beach, Vancouver

Vancouverites for Steampunk would like to invite everyone to a Vintage-Costumed Day at the Seaside on Sunday August 16, 2015!

Don your vintage-styled or steampunk beachwear and join us on Jericho Beach to enjoy a day of vintage summery seaside fun! Unlike the United Kingdom, I think we can promise relatively warm waters! (No freezing by the North Sea!). You can select beachwear from any time between the mid-1800’s through the 1930’s. Spread the word to any costume-afficionados you know who might be keen for the excuse to try their hands at vintage beach wear! Keep in mind, if you’re worried, it was also quite appropriate in all these time-periods to also head to the Seaside in your long dresses, trousers and suspenders, etcetera. So steampunk, Victorian, Edwardian, ’20s or steampunk togs are also perfectly acceptable. Ladies can even trundle out in their bloomers and chemise! (Shocking!)

I have created a photo album in the Facebook group specifically for resource photos etc (see full event posting).

Alas, I will not be able to arrange a charabanc to get everyone to the site, but Jericho Beach is accessible by car and public transit (# 4 bus takes you right there – get off at Wallace, the stop past Alma).

Time Travelers’ Bazaar
Sunday April 17. 2016  10:30 am – 5 pm
Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver

Come one, come all,
To the Fourth Annual Time Travelers’ Bazaar,
Vancouver’s ONLY Exclusive Market for
Eclectic, Vintage & Costumers’ Fashions
and Unique Jewelry, Accessories and Props

Whether you love eclectic or vintage fashion,
Whether you’re a re-enactor or an avid costumer,
Or if you want something truly unique for your wardrobe,
This is the market for you!

We are thrilled to be returning to the stunning and magical Heritage Hall on Main Street, Vancouver, in a neighbourhood full of vintage and unique fashion stores. Come and make it a day on the Street! Feel free to dress up and bring your fashion statement to us!

In 2015 we had over 500 people through our doors, and the range of merchandise carried by our 25 creative vendors were fantastic: handmade fascinators and hats, unique handmade jewelry, stunning leatherwork, beautiful masks, eclectic garments, vintage hats and clothing, and accessories of all sorts! As well as some fabric, trim and other such supplies for those interested in making their own unique pieces.

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