Third Annual BRASS IN THE GRASS Steampunk Picnic

12 to 4 pm

Enter at West 33rd from Cambie (see below and map for our exact location!)
185_the_way_we_were“Vancouverites for Steampunk” is delighted to host our third annual Brass in the Grass picnic! We invite you to join us on Saturday, July 26, for a relaxed afternoon of al fresco dining and fun, in the company of other differently-dressed folks.

Pack your parasols & straw boaters, and your picnic hampers, blankets, cushions, chairs, stools, shade canopies & tea-serving automatons, and other such necessities for your comfort.

Please bring croquet, or other games and entertainments, or even a wee project to work on.

DRESS CODE: Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Victorian or Edwardian, Dark Victorian, Gothic, Lolita, or your best effort at such. Flapper or Regency will fly here too – we’re more inclusive than exclusive!

Event is FREE! It is BYOR – Bring Your Own Repast – whether this comprises sandwiches and iced tea, kippers & lemonade, or anything else you think to bring. We provide grass to sit upon, fresh air, and hopefully sunny weather.

LOCATION: Queen Elizabeth Park, in the southwest corner. Take the entrance off West 33rd from Cambie, for easiest navigation. We will be west-southwest of the Rose Garden and northwest of the basketball & tennis area, just off Kersland Drive.

IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER, notice of event cancellation will be made by 10:30 am, and will be posted on this website, in the open Facebook group Vancouverites for Steampunk, on the official Facebook event listing, AND via Twitter @ClockworkDoor.

A polite note – this is a social event for the enjoyment and fun of the attendees, and is not a photoshoot.  Professional photographers looking to take photos of us are not welcome unless they are already members of our community and have contacted us in advance of the event.
QEPark_Steampunk Picnic Map

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Come One, Come All, to the TIME TRAVELERS’ BAZAAR!

Sunday April 27, 2014 – BAZAAR HOURS: 10:30 am-5:00 pm
Britannia Secondary School Cafeteria
1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver BC

medieval fair

Come Costumers One and All!

Join us at Vancouver’s first and only dedicated market
for costumers of all stripes –
whether you just like to don something vintage now and then,
enjoy accessories with a difference,
or whether you’re a dedicated costumer!

We have a little bit of everything, and something for every genre –
Vintage-lovers, Historical Re-enactment, Steampunk, Animé,
Pirate, Fantasy, Gothic, or Cosplay!
Our 2nd annual Bazaar is a full-day extravaganza of costuming hunting!

This unique market strives to provide something for everyone; there will be vintage items, newly crafted pieces, costuming supplies and completed garments, jewelry and accessories. We even have some costumers’ clearing their closets to make room for new! And our wonderful, crafty, creative vendors will be dressed up – feel free to don your favourite outfit & come shop and be inspired. FREE ADMISSION!

We are proud to announce we have 25 vendors participating with us to date, including The Painted Cookie & Carolyn Bruce Designs, Crafted Revelry, Second Chance Hats, Celtic Daughters Artisans, Drafted Eminence, Professor Whovianart Creations, Arafel Designs, Morgan Zentner’s Artistic Jewelry, Makosla Creations, Smart Tart Designs, Bits & Keys, Arafel Designs, Through the Clockwork Door, K-West Leather Designs, and many more!

Please see our map below so you can find us! Parking on site. Near public transit via Commercial Drive.

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The Harlequin Hypnosis Show – March22

SATURDAY MARCH 22 2014 – 7:30 PM
The Orpheum Annex (823 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC)

Starring Angie Bender, Renée and Rob Hadley
Tickets can be purchased at:


We would like to invite everyone to see the theatrical hypnosis spectacular which is taking Canada by storm. This hilarious night of comedy, costume, and theatrical adventure is brought to you by The Harlequin Hypnosis Show.

Join us for a night of entertainment, as you enjoy a hypnosis show like you’ve never seen. Will you volunteer to save little lost Katie, or will you sit back and enjoy the spectacle?

Attendees are encouraged to dress steampunk style, a visual mix of Victorian & Edwardian fashion and early 20th century steam technology, and there will be a cash prize for the person who comes in the best costume. Costumes play a role in the show, according to Hadley, as visuals will make the adventure more realistic for the hypnotized audience members. “When someone is in hypnosis, when they see things which affirm their belief in hypnosis, they become more deeply entrenched in the hypnotic experience.”

The show will feature three hypnotists as the show’s puppeteers. They will hypnotize audience members and guide them through what Angie Bender, one of the hypnotists, describes as a “journey of adventure, unpredictability and imagination.” The new work, which premiered at The Improv Centre in Granville Island, performed at Port Moody’s Inlet Theatre in February and will be at Vancouver’s Orpheum Annex on March 22nd 2014.

For more information, check out their website at

Or find them on Facebook:
Facebook Event:
Facebook Page:

Media Contact: Megan Gray – 778-908-8877

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2nd Annual Time Travelers’ Bazaar: 2014 Call for Vendors!

Vancouver’s Only Costumers’ Market & Rummage Sale,
The place to find costuming treasures, and
where overflowing wardrobes can be cleared & refreshed!

SUNDAY APRIL 27, 2014 – SALE Hours: 10:30-5:00 pm
Britannia Secondary School Cafeteria
1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver BC

Come Costumers one and all!
Book a vendors’ table and clear out your closets,
or sell your amazing costuming creations!
Be your bent Vintage, Medieval, Regency, Victorian, Fantasy, Steampunk, Lolita, Pirate, Gothic, Animé, Dieselpunk, or previously unnamed cosplay, we’re open to all!

VENDOR POSTER_2014_small

And we are currently actively looking for VENDORS!

If you’re interested in being a vendor, please read and download the Time Travelers 2014 Application Contract_Completable Form
AND the Time Travelers Bazaar 2014 Vendor Information Packet.

We’re interested in goods for and from all genres:
Historical Recreationist, Steampunk, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Animé, Lolita, Gothic, Cosplay, Pirate, etcetera!

Clothing, jewelry, accessories, props, fabrics, trims –
you can vend anything that could be used for costuming!

Interested in bartering and trading as well as selling? We’re open to that – it’s up to you vendors!

A vendor table only costs $35, and 2 people can share a table!)

Digital copies of the application, information packet, and digital posters are available on request for sharing and promotion. Share our public Facebook Event and Facebook Page!

Have questions or want more information?  Contact us!

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This is Steampunk! – Sunday March 2nd @ The Red Room

Sunday March 2, 2014 9 pm to 2 am

At The Red Room, 398 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC
$15 at the door, but only $10 if you come in costume!

The local Steampunk night event of the year is here! Get out your goggles and rayguns for a retrofuturistic night of dancing and entertainment! This Is Steampunk! Dancing, drinking, and a live Performance by Magic Jess, as Captain Jess Lawenson! The Enigma Machine DJ’s will be keeping the dance floor packed and you can commemorate the night (and your amazing costume) in our photo booth by Silverclaw photography.

Spread the word, this event is open to everyone (of legal drinking age)!

Hosted by Hostile Makeover (thank you SO MUCH for your hard work in organizing this event!)

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Hello all. I am very disgruntled to share with you that we have lost our free, reservable venue for monthly coffee klatches. After spending the past 3 weeks trying to book our 2014 dates, someone from the Waves Coffee House finally called me back this afternoon to tell me that they are no longer booking those rooms, they are all rented by someone else for the foreseeable future (both rooms, for the next year). This leaves me without one of the only regular, no-charge venues I could reserve, which allowed folks of all ages and all budgets to come and hang out. I will look for an alternative, but it might take me a while. I am very sorry for this.

If you have suggestions for a free venue we can reserve space at, please CONTACT ME.

Alternately, until these start back up, if you want to talk to me / communicate ideas / etc, just contact me via THIS LINK.

Thank you all for your patience,

The Steam Wench

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Tweed Walk – Sun Dec. 1, 2013

SUNDAY DECEMBER 1, 2013 – 2 pm

Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia
Meetup 2 pm sharp at Kids’ Market near Island entrance

Don your warm and tweedy best and grab your brollies and join us for the first Tweed Walk of the Nippy Season (also known as November, December, January, February, ad nauseum).

Chase away the winter blahs and get into steampunk spirit by donning your warm and toasty togs you swelter in during summer, and join us for a cheery and mellow saunter around Granville Island, where we can amble around the perimeter, nibble on roasted chestnuts from outside the market, and browse the market if we choose. Depending on everyone’s mood, we may stop somewhere afterwards to warm up with toasty hot ciders or tea or some such.

Meetup location will be 2 pm sharp at the Kids’ Market (1496 Cartright St.), as it is nearest to the entrance to the island and probably most convenient for those coming by transit. WARNING: There is rain forecast, so dress for the weather, and we may truncate our trundle to the indoor markets and perhaps somewhere for a drink …

Send me a message if you need more information or clarification.


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Steampunks at Imaginarius Fantasticus III – Full Steam Ahead

Saturday November 16, 2013 – 12 noon to 8 pm
Sunday November 17, 2013 – 12 noon to 7 pm

International Village Mall – Main and Second Floors
88 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC

FREE Admission & Free 2-hour parking

For the third year in a row, Vancouverites for Steampunk are joining the Imaginarius Fantasticus Christmas Faire, Vancouver’s biggest Pan-Fantasy market faire, where you can find many of BC’s finest theme artisan vendors, a medieval and a Viking village, and live entertainments (including a live chess match of steampunks versus medieval zombies).

This year’s faire theme is Steampunk – COME JOIN US FOR THE FUN!! Dress up (the artisans and entertainers will all be costumed!), bring the children, and prepare to be DELIGHTED. Conveniently timed for your Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Yule, and Christmas Shopping for your imaginative, fantasy-loving, or geeky loved ones! If you wish to check out the vendors, the list can be found here.
Vancouverites for SteampunkVancouverites for Steampunk will have an official presence on the Second Floor, with a group information table and general Steampunk information table. In addition, several steampunks, including your intrepid organizer, will also be selling our wonderful handmade goods – look for the Steam Mercantile table beside the Vancouverites for Steampunk table, for our wares!
SteamMercantileCollageThe Faire asks you to consider bringing a good non-perishable food item to donate to the Vancouver Food Bank collection.

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Covert but Awesome Opportunity coming soon – Contact Me!

This is a shout-out to the Steampunk local community regarding something Covert But Awesome. I’m looking for some folks with awesome steampunk outfits & props, interested in a costumed evening out THIS MONTH (September). If you’re interested and want details, please contact me directly. I’m not at liberty to divulge any details publicly, and anyone who does contact me must keep this on the quiet side. No posting on Facebook. Sorry for the cloak & dagger. But seriously, this is a really cool opportunity, and I plan on participating myself in full steamy awesomeness.

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Gears on the Green – Steampunk Picnic in the Royal City

Sunday August 25, 2013
12 to 4 pm

See Map for Exact Location details. Look for the Union Jack Bunting.

Vancouverites for Steampunk group is delighted to invite you to join us for our second annual August steampunk picnic in The Royal City of New Westminster (now called Gears on the Green)! Enjoy a relaxed afternoon of al fresco dining and fun, in the company of other differently-dressed folks, before, perhaps, you finish wending your way to the Fraser Gold Rush.

Pack your parasols & picnic hampers, blankets, cushions, chairs, tables, tea services, pavilions & tea-serving automatons, and other such necessities for your comfort.

Feel free to bring croquet, bocce, or other games and entertainments, or even a wee project to work on.

DRESS CODE: Steampunk, Victorian, Edwardian, Dark Victorian, Goth, Lolita, or your best effort at any of these.

Event is FREE! It is BYOR – Bring Your Own Repast – whether this is sandwiches & iced tea, kippers & lemonade, crumpets & mineral water, or anything else you think to bring. We are only providing grass to sit upon, fresh air, and hopefully sunny weather.

LOCATION: Queen’s Park in New Westminster (the Royal City), in a lovely shady spot just down from the Petting Zoo (and ice cream, and the loo). Please see the map below for more details. If you want a large-size pdf please message me and I can email it to you.

Want to see how much fun we had last year? Take a peek at Cole Bayford’s video here!

IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER, notice of event cancellation will be made by 10:15 am, and will be posted on this event listing, in the open Facebook group Vancouverites for Steampunk, AND via Twitter @Steamwench.
Gears on the Green Map_Small

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